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We strive to be developer-friendly, offer a wide varitety of tools and support services to help you in building any kind of video/audio solutions.

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Be part of the growing Muvi ecosystem, Grow your business, create new revenue channels and business models.


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50% of our time is spent on watching a video or listening to an audio. It’s a HUGE market. Being associated with Muvi gets you a foothold in this market.


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We help you in every way possible in technical things, marketing(helping you to get leads)


Huge Target Market

Build a Muvi Extension

Muvi’s highly customizable audio and video platform is based on REST-based APIs with programmable access. So, using Muvi API you can independently extend any feature and deploy audio and video capabilities in your mobile application, integrate with any third-party CMS or Media Asset Management systems, extend player functionality, and more.

Build a Muvi Template

Muvi provides you multiple options to create a custom streaming website template using Template Editor, BYOD Engine, or Visual Designer. Get full access to the HTML, CSS, and javascript of any existing Muvi template and customize it as per your requirements. Match the template with the code, content, and marketplace requirements and then there is no looking back!

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Design templates, develop plugins, and offer integration support for a $300 billion industry. Your expertise coupled with our variety of resources and tools lets you serve hundreds of clients in consistent need of IT support. Join the Muvi Partner ecosystem today.